Full name

Lena Guberman






Lena Guberman is an award-winning artist. Since she has graduated in visual communications from Betzal’el Academy in Jerusalem (2003), Lena has been twice a laureate of the Israel Museum award for picture book illustration as well as the Sterns award for illustrators.

Lena started drawing in an early age, and began studying art at the age of five.
She has illustrated seven published books including “I love” by celebrity-writer Yontan Geffen,“Gali’s Soap Bubbles” by Avirama Golan, “On Jeremiah Street” by Libby Daon and most recently “Aunt Margalit Fell into the Puddle”, Collected Poems by Nurit Zarchi. The last three books have won the Israel Museum award for picture book illustration for the years 2006, 2010 and 2012.

In 2011 was a part of Ari Folman’s crew of “The Congress” movie (2013) as BG, Character Designer and Concept Art.

Lena is very versatile in her art and likes to invent and reinvent herself, with experience in a variety of design areas. She was the main character designer in Colin Brady and Christopher’s Reeve’s animated feature film “Everyone’s Hero". Lena has illustrated articles in leading Israeli newspapers such as Ha’aretz and Globes, using both digital technique and sculpting. In her book illustrations she also uses a variety of techniques from digital design to handmade sewing and embroidery.

Lena lives in Israel with her husband Tomer and their two young children, Noya and Itai.